Authority Chair to step down at the end of the year

George Jenkins OBE has announced he will be stepping down from his role as Chair of the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care when his term ends in December 2019.

George Jenkins has led the Authority’s board since 2016 and has been a champion of public protection. Last year he oversaw the appointment of the Authority’s new Chief Executive, Alan Clamp.

George Jenkins said: ‘I feel the time is right for the Authority to move forward under new leadership at both CEO and now Chair level. We have a new strategic plan and are preparing for the legislative reform intended by the government for healthcare professional regulation. The Authority has had a tremendous impact on the sector over the last few years, leading the way with its Right-touch regulation approach. It is time now for a new Chair to work in partnership with the Board, the CEO and the sector to implement legislative reform and to continue to press for the more radical changes we recommended, which I believe are still required. The Professional Standards Authority has a strong Board and Chief Executive, and excellent staff. This is a great opportunity for a new Chair to take the organisation forward to ensure it continues to do invaluable work in keeping patients and the public safe from harm.’

Alan Clamp, the Authority’s CEO said: ‘George is a highly experienced, well regarded Chair who is utterly committed to protecting patients and improving care. The combination of his business acumen together with his experience in healthcare leadership has been immensely valuable to the Authority and to the sector. He leaves with our profound thanks and respect’.

The Authority will commence the process of appointing a new Chair in September.

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