Don`t Become Another Eye Injury Statistic

It is estimated that nearly 2,000 Americans will suffer some sort of eye injury each day while on the job. If you think you will never be one of those statistics, think again. It doesn’t matter if you work in an office or in a factory, the threat of an eye injury is real. Almost $300 million a year is lost in workers` compensation, medical expenses and lost productivity, and for a majority of these eye injuries, a pair of prescription safety glasses would have made all the difference. Safety experts advise that wearing safety glasses prevents between 70% and 90% of all workplace eye injuries.


The Eye Hazards You Encounter

Depending on your work environment, you may encounter some serious eye hazards. Common hazards across industries include the following:

  • Chemical fluids or gasses
  • Projectiles or particles
  • Bloodborne pathogens
  • Ultraviolet, infrared or other forms of radiation
  • Heat from sparks, splashes or high temperatures

You don`t have to be in roofing, construction, auto repairs, mining, carpentry, general maintenance or manufacturing to be susceptible to these hazards. That`s why you can find prescription safety glasses in several different styles and designs. Safety glasses can be worn in any work environment. For some, safety eyewear is a part of the required uniform. For others, it is a choice.


The Way To Protect Your Eyes

For many of the industries where eye hazards are a common encounter, you will find that safety glasses are a part of the required personal protective equipment apparel. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires that employers protect their employees from the workplace hazards they will encounter through PPE and strong safety practices and controls, but you must properly wear your PPE for it to be effective. You also need to clean and care for your PPE. In the case of safety glasses, you need the right pair to protect you from the hazards of your workplace.

You must know what you need to protect your eyes if you are going to wear the right pair of safety glasses. If you are going to be dealing with radiation or pathogens, a shatter-proof lens isn`t the only consideration when choosing a pair. If you wear prescription glasses to correct your sight, you need safety eyewear that has all the benefits of American National Standards Institute certified safety glasses with the corrective lens included. Your glasses take into account your unique vision needs, the shape and size of your face and the protective needs of your work environment.


The Options for Prescription Safety Glasses

Your first decision concerning safety eyewear should be to determine if you need prescription lenses. If so, your options for selecting a particular style might be more limited. At Safety Gear Pro, you will find a wide selection of the highest quality safety eyewear from industry-leading manufacturers. All of the products are ANSI certified for use as OSHA compliant safety eyewear. You can choose from several eyewear styles as well.

  • Safety eyeglasses- Often constructed from Trivex, polycarbonate or plastic, ANSI-approved glasses have a Z87 mark and are appropriate in environments where impact or flying debris occurs frequently.
  • Goggle- In environments where possible hazards include chemical splashes or pathogen exchanges, safety goggles offer the most complete protection as they fully protect the areas around the eyes and are also impact-resistant.
  • Face shields- Helmets and face shields are often worn in addition to a pair of safety glasses as an extra layer of protection when working with chemicals, in labs or around welding equipment.


The Place To Find Safety Eyewear

Eye damage is a serious concern, but one that you can be protected from. You will find the protective eyewear you need at Safety Gear Pro, whether you want a traditional pair of goggles or require prescription eyewear.