These Fun Activities Can Boost Your Mental Health

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These Fun Activities Can Boost Your Mental Health

Modern life can be demanding and stressful. Between financial worries, caregiver responsibilities, missing your train when you’re late, and a pandemic, your body goes into overdrive. It registers a looming work deadline, for example, as a threat akin to encountering a tiger in the wild, and your system goes into fight or flight.

To compensate for this daily onslaught on your sympathetic nervous system, you need to activate your parasympathetic nervous system with relaxing activities.


Have a Game Night

Dust off your Monopoly and Scrabble sets. If you don’t have any board games, play Charades or use your phone to facilitate quiz games and Family Feud showdowns. The goal is to have fun, let go, and laugh. Socializing with others promotes feelings of well-being.


Brain Train

If you’re not in the mood to interact with others, instead of social games, try playing Sudoku or doing crosswords and puzzles. If you’re a numbers person, play number games. Video games can also help. These cognitive forms of recreation don’t just sharpen memory, focus, and reasoning skills; they also provide a sense of accomplishment and reduce anxiety.


Spend Time in Nature

The natural world beckons with opportunities to go birdwatching, surfing, forest bathing, dark sky gazing, gardening, and wandering. Whether you’re reaping the benefits of exercise or just chilling out, time outdoors enhances your emotional health. Even watching a nature documentary has advantages.


Spring Clean

Living in a chaotic environment where you can rarely find what you’re looking for and things look messy is stress-inducing. Cleaning allows you to feel in control, and some people find the process of turning “before” pictures into “after” pictures super satisfying.


Learn a New Skill

Do you want to play guitar, ski, cook using the sous vide technique, or speak Spanish? Pick one skill that’s always been high on your to-do list, and take action. Making progress can boost your self-confidence and encourage you to try other new and fulfilling pursuits.


Go to a Live Sports Match

Few cultural experiences come close to attending a live professional sports match. It engages every sense. And the collective excitement is often contagious, even if you’re neutral. If you’re keen on going to a baseball game, for example, look for tickets for the Yankees from reputable sellers online. You can access interactive seating charts that offer 360-degree virtual in-seat views and search with specific seat ratings in mind.


Adopt a Pet

There’s a loneliness epidemic globally, and it’s a public health crisis. But pets do a lot to fill the gap by providing companionship, structure, and much-needed social recognition.



Volunteering in social contexts, such as at an orphanage or nursing home, enables you to build connections and practice gratitude. Dedicating your time to environmental cleanups, for example, helps you feel a sense of purpose. You’re contributing to your community, which can release dopamine and lift your spirits.


Improve Your Mental Health

Scheduling time away from your obligations is essential for your physical and mental wellness. The activities above can help you rest and digest, and you can combine them for added benefits.

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