How to Reduce Stress in Your Life and Prevent Anxiety Attacks

When your spouse is deployed and you’re left behind to hold down the fort, or when you keep having to leave friends and family behind as you move to yet another base, it may be hard to harness and find ways to cope with your stress and anxiety. So here are four strategies to help you keep calm and prevent anxiety attacks, courtesy of MedBiz Pro:


Make Your Home Office a Stress-Free Zone

If you’re the one in charge of managing the whole household while your spouse is away, the mental load can become very heavy. And if you’re working from home, you have the added stress of sticking to your work schedule and keeping everything organized so you don’t miss an important deadline or appointment. As a solution, try taming some of the chaos by creating a storage system for your paper and digital records. Invest in magazine files, letter trays, and a sturdy filing cabinet to sort and organize all your documents. If you want to make more space by getting rid of stacks of paper, consider purchasing a document scanner and sending all your important files and data to the cloud, and make sure to back up everything on a hard drive for added security.


Stay on Task and on Schedule

Coming up with a planning and scheduling system can help ease up some of your stress and anxiety. If you’re in charge of scheduling your children’s activities, a large family calendar prominently displayed in the foyer or kitchen will take the pressure off you as you won’t have to keep everything memorized, and your kids, babysitter and other caregivers won’t need to constantly ask you about their daily, weekly and monthly schedule. Color-code your calendar by assigning everyone a specific color, so each family member will quickly be able to see when and what their chores and activities are. Furthermore, if you want to make your family schedule portable and accessible remotely, use a digital calendar so you can set reminders, add and edit events on the fly, and avoid overbookings and miscommunications.


Take Time to Enjoy the Outdoors

Break up your day by taking a stroll around the neighborhood, even for just a few minutes. A brisk walk can provide the exercise you need to alleviate your stress, and being outdoors in the natural sunlight will increase your vitamin D levels and boost your immune system. You may also be able to sleep better at night by spending some time in nature during the day and listening to calming nature sounds to help you unwind at bedtime. And if the weather in your area doesn’t allow for spending much time outdoors, try bringing some nature in by decorating your home with live plants. If you have pets, make sure you select non-toxic greenery, or that the plants are kept well out of your pets’ reach.


Push Yourself to Succeed

It might seem counterintuitive that pushing yourself to work harder would actually reduce stress, but oftentimes, anxiety is the result of being in a situation that just isn’t a fit for you. So if there’s a career change you’ve always wanted to try, maybe now is the time to get started! The first step could be gaining the education and experience you need to break into the field – in which case, pursuing an advanced degree is a great beginning. And thanks to the flexibility of online programs, you start remaking yourself without having to quit your current job or totally change your schedule.


The last few years have been tough on everyone, but brighter days are just around the corner! Keep yourself and your family mentally healthy and prevent anxiety attacks by staying organized and controlling the chaos. Spending some time in nature to boost your mood. And if you need professional help, find a therapist online and get the treatment you need.


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Image via Pixabay