Министарство одбране и Војска Србије на вежби трагања и спасавања "SAREX 38-19"

Вежба трагања и спасавања пуног капацитета "SAREX 38-19" почела је на аеродрому "Никола Тесла" приказом у ноћним условима по теми "Удес великог ваздухоплова у оквиру аеродромске зоне". Вежби је присуствовао министар одбране Александар Вулин.Детаљније… Source: VMA

Председник Вучић: Најмлађи официри – ешелон слободе и суверенитета наше отаџбине

Најмлађи потпоручници Војске Србије промовисани су данас на свечаној церемонији испред Дома Народне скупштине. Прве официрске чинове добило је 160 кадета Војне академије и Медицинског факултета ВМА.Детаљније… Source: VMA

Одржана свечаност поводом доделе диплома кадетима 5. класе МФ ВМА УО

Данас је у амфитеатру Војномедицинске академије одржана свечаност поводом доделе диплома кадетима 5. класе Медицинског факултета Војномедицинске академијe Универзитета одбране. Детаљније… Source: VMA


Његова светост патријарх српски Иринеј због нарушеног здравља примљен је на лечење у Војномедицинску академију у четвртак 29. августа.Детаљније… Source: VMA

Medical News Today: What can trigger anxiety?

Certain situations and events can be anxiety triggers for some people. Strategies are available to help people avoid triggers and get their anxiety under control. Learn more here. Source: Medical News Today, https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/

Medical News Today: What to do about bad breath

Home remedies for bad breath include green tea, herbal rinses, and water. People should see a doctor if their breath does not improve. Learn more about home remedies for bad breath here. Source: Medical News Today, https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/

Remembering Professor Lowell Levin, pioneer of health promotion

WHO/Europe gratefully remembers the pioneering role of the late Professor Lowell S. Levin, who collaborated with and advised the Organization for more than 30 years in the areas of health promotion and improving the impact of policies in other sectors on public health. Source: WHO, http://www.euro.who.int/en/home

New efficient method for urine analysis may tell us more

Our urine reveals our well-being and how we treat our body. A researcher has developed an effective method of analysis for examining the constituents of a urine sample, using contrast agent, as a cost-effective adjuvant. This can have a major impact on future healthcare. Source: Science Daily, https://www.sciencedaily.com

It's Fab! A hidden touch of antibody

Antibodies are key players in our immune system and have been used as biopharmaceuticals. The collaborative groups including researchers have found previously unknown contact sites in the antibody molecule that are involved in its binding to a cognate receptor, challenging the traditional paradigm of the molecular mechanism of antibody function. Source: Science Daily, https://www.sciencedaily.com

Smart sink could help save water

An experiment with a water-saving ‘smart’ faucet shows potential for reducing water use. The catch? Unbeknownst to study participants, the faucet’s smarts came from its human controller. Source: Science Daily, https://www.sciencedaily.com

Link between brain immune cells and Alzheimer's disease development identified

Scientists have discovered how to forestall Alzheimer’s disease in a laboratory setting, a finding that could one day help in devising targeted drugs that prevent it. The researchers found that by removing brain immune cells known as microglia from rodent models of Alzheimer’s disease, beta-amyloid plaques — the hallmark pathology of AD — never formed. … pročitajte više