In-depth Analysis of Oral Care Products and Recent Developments in Oral Care

The oral care industry is undergoing a huge transformation with the launch of eco-friendly, technologically advanced, and innovative products. Leading market players are launching their products by taking the issues in oral healthcare such as teeth stains, cavities, sensitivity, and others into consideration. From ingredients that can be utilized in mouthwashes and toothpastes to advanced electric toothbrushes, a wide range of new products have been made available for solving different issues. The combination of advanced technology and sustainable materials in products is one of the best combinations preferred by consumers. Market players use plant-based materials in toothpastes and eco-friendly tubes for offering their new range of products. Moreover, artificial intelligence (AI) technology has been utilized for developing electric toothbrushes and offering a comprehensive personalized oral care solution. The emergence of personalized oral care led to the development of innovative products for offering guidance based on brushing patterns. Dentists will benefit from technologically advanced products that would help them in detecting the dental issues in X-rays images and speed up diagnosis and treatment.

Research studies regarding different issues related to oral care aim to create awareness and add value to the lives of people. Researchers found a significant connection between mental health and oral health. In addition, they found the issues faced by patients suffering from dementia in maintaining proper oral hygiene. They offer valuable guidance regarding how to tackle oral conditions occurring due to mental conditions from utilizing appropriate oral care products to hiring caregivers. The demand for innovative oral care products is expected to increase in the coming years. According to the report published by Allied Market Research, the global oral care products market is expected to grow considerably over the next few years. Following are some of the trends and developments taking place across the world.

The launch of new oral care products and ingredients is one of the major strategies adopted by market players. They took the existing problems into consideration and developed new products to solve them. Building upon years of research and development, these new products and ingredients cater to different needs of oral care. BASF Care Creations launched Enameguard, an innovative oral care ingredient. The ingredient is aimed at supporting the remineralization of tooth enamel and buffering effect of saliva. The company targeted the issues regarding enamel softening and erosion. It stated that acid contents in some of the food and beverages may lead to softening and erosion of enamels.

The newly-launched ingredient carries out binding of enamel surface and reacts to calcium and phosphate ions in saliva. Moreover, it is water-soluble, while some of the products in the market are water sensitive. BASF stated that this product highlights the commitment of the company toward innovation and sustainability for fulfilling the demands of the end consumers in the oral care sector. It developed Enameguard from renewable and natural feedstock. It can be utilized in toothpastes and mouthwashes. The company outlined that an enzymatic process is utilized for the development of the product and it is non-GMO. The product is helpful in maintaining the balance of minerals in the mouth.

The demand for products made from natural ingredients continues in the oral care industry. Manufacturers have determined changes in preferences by consumers and the inclination toward natural ingredients in the products. The inclusion of planet-friendly substances in the products attracts environmentally conscious people. Taking this into consideration, Alacer Corp. launched the nature-inspired oral care brand Natean. Scientists and herbalists at the company developed a blend of science and nature for creating a new category of innovative products.

The company highlighted that each product in Natean line contains carefully chosen ingredients and eco-friendly packaging material. Moreover, the toothpastes are developed with natural flavors and fruit extracts along with an infusion of botanicals. Following an extensive research and development activity, the company has been able to include natural botanicals such as mint, orange blossom, coconut, and aloe vera with other ingredients. Along with offering oral health benefits in terms of fresh feel with daily usage, it provides cavity protection and whitening benefits. The company launched four toothpastes that cater to different oral care needs such as sensitivity relief, cavity protection, and whitening. The launch of eco-friendly products will continue with changes in buyer preferences.

As market players aim to solve different issues in oral care, one of the leading market players Colgate opted for solving the issue of stains. It brought a new product that would remove stains of 15 years in only two weeks. The company aims to bring bright and wide smiles to people with stains on their teeth. Colgate Optic White, one of the leading companies in oral care and teeth whitening, launched Optic White Pro Series toothpaste. Experts in teeth whitening collaborated on the development of this product. It contains nearly 5% of hydrogen peroxide, which is the maximum level of hydrogen peroxide permitted in over-the-counter toothpaste products. The company highlighted that this product can whiten the teeth efficiently and effectively from the comfort of home.

The newly-launched product is for daily use and provides protection against enamels. It penetrates deeply into the teeth for whitening them and prevention of stains. Hydrogen peroxide plays a crucial role in whitening the teeth as it penetrates deep and reduces compounds that result in discoloration. Providing accessible teeth whitening solutions to home users is the major factor behind the development of this product. The company made the product available at retailers across the world and launched three variants such as Enamel Strength, Stain Prevention, and Vividly Fresh. The development of such products that eliminate teeth stains would continue.

The leading oral care provider Colgate does not stop when it comes to innovation and continues with the trend of new product launches with the launch of another whitening toothpaste. Colgate-Palmolive India launched Visible White O2. This new product is equipped with active oxygen technology. The company claimed that the product whitens the teeth in only three days. It is developed with an advanced formula that launches millions of oxygen bubbles into the mouth. These bubbles are absorbed into the enamel and micro-stain molecules are lightened. Arvind Chintamani, the Vice President for Marketing at Colgate-Palmolive India, highlighted that it is a revolutionary product that has the potential to transform the toothpaste category. The newly-launched product has two categories: Aromatic Mint and Peppermint Sparkle. The company outlined that the tubes used for toothpastes are 100% recyclable. There is no end to innovation and more innovative products will be launched in the coming years.

Along with toothpastes, toothbrushes play a crucial part in maintaining good oral health. Along with innovations in toothpastes, there have been innovations in toothbrushes. Advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) have been utilized for the development of new toothbrushes. The trend of electric toothbrushes has arrived with the advent of personalized brushing. Leading market players have upgraded their existing products and launched advanced versions of the products to cater to the varying needs of customers. Oral-B, one of the leading providers of toothbrushes, upgraded its product and launched Oral-B iO 10 with iOSense. This is an addition to its iO range of products that are aimed at revolutionizing personalized brushing experiences. A new smart device iOSense is accompanied by its toothbrush for providing real-time guidance with the help of AI in personalized brushing. The guidance is aimed at maintaining the good health of the gums and teeth of users.

Benjamin Binot, the Senior Vice President at P&G Europe Oral Care, highlighted that the company introduces a new era in which it is more than just an electric toothbrush. The launch of the upgraded product outlines the commitment of the company toward creating a digital health ecosystem with the help of advanced technologies, effective educational tools, and accessible solutions. Its iOSense device contains AI technology for guiding users and providing an optimized brushing experience. It sets the timer for optimal brushing time, contains the lighting systems ensure there will not be any missing spots in the mouth, and offers personalized feedback after each brushing experience. In addition, the micro-vibration technology in the toothbrush is helpful in the elimination of 100% plaque along with providing a sensorial experience, offering teeth whitening benefits, and enhancing oral health. The clinical tests indicated that its upgrade product provides a deeper cleaning experience for teeth and gums as compared to manual brushing. The efforts to revolutionize the personalized brushing experience will continue for the next few years and more products will be launched.

Market players are developing solutions that would facilitate diagnosis and treatment for dentists. Moreover, they are gaining approvals from regulatory bodies. Pearl, one of the leading market players providing dental AI solutions, gained approval for its AI-based solution Second Opinion. This solution is aimed at providing assistance to dentists regarding the dental conditions in X-rays of patients. This marks an important step in the field of technology-assisted dental care. The company made this AI-driven and computer-aided clinical radiology solution available for dentists across North America, Australia, Europe, and other parts of the globe.

Second Opinion provides assistance to dental professionals by application of computer vision on radiographs. It determines and outlines pathologic and non-pathologic findings such as dental caries, bridges, calculus, periapical radiolucency, and discrepancies at the margin of existing restorations, root canals, fillings, and dental implants. In addition, the system highlights conditions on the monitor after the X-rays scans. This helps in providing a better understanding of the dental issues of patients. More systems will be developed to assist dentists and patients in knowing about different oral conditions in detail.

Researchers and scientists have been researching different issues related to oral care that impact a majority of the population. Many novel studies have been carried out, and one of those studies includes the correlation between mental health and oral health. It has been found that the mental health issues such as stress, depression, and anxiety impact oral health adversely. Researchers outlined that people suffering from the aforementioned mental health issues are less likely to pay attention to their nutrition. Increased consumption of sugary beverages and foods may lead to tooth cavities and decay. This, in turn, impacts the enamel surface of teeth.

Dr. Karishma Jaradi, the Head of Dental Surgery at Dentzz Dental, highlighted that depression can make people lose interest or feel tired from performing daily activities such as brushing and flossing. In addition, these mental illnesses may lead to alcoholism, smoking, and drug abuse. The same is the case with chronic stress. It may lead people to miss dental appointments and neglect oral hygiene. Moreover, it causes teeth grinding or clenching, which in turn, results in dental weariness and pain.

Along with the mental condition, researchers found that the medication may cause oral health issues. Many antidepressants and antipsychotics may lead to dry mouth. In addition, the rate of salivary flow can reduce by up to 58% who are on antidepressants such as amitriptyline. Researchers issued some of the tips to ensure good dental health during mental health conditions. They advise avoiding junk food, brushing two times a day, avoiding drinking, smoking, and drug abuse, visiting the dentist regularly, and maintaining a balanced diet. Taking such preventive measures for maintaining good oral health becomes essential.

Another research concerning the mental disorder has come to light. It is related to maintaining good oral care for people suffering from dementia. Researchers have found that people suffering from dementia may not have the ability to voice out their concerns regarding oral care and treatments. In addition, they may not be able to take proper oral self-care and maintain hygiene to prevent dental conditions. They highlighted that it depends upon the stage and severity of the condition.

People suffering from different stages of dementia may have reduced ability to take care of themselves due to loss of motor and cognitive skills. This includes performing oral hygiene activities regularly. In this case, they depend upon the caregivers. However, some of the caregivers may not possess enough motivation or necessary skills to take care of these activities. So, dentists found issues such as heavily broken teeth, advanced gum diseases, heavy deposits of plaque and calculus, carious teeth, unrestored teeth, and others in people suffering from dementia. So, an early dental consultation becomes essential for people suffering from such conditions. Dentists can provide guidance on oral problems, recommend toothpastes, and suggest ways to take oral care of patients.

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